Design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation plan for Star Deep Infrastructural Projects

New Nigeria Foundation (NNF) provided a comprehensive M&E plan, including, amongst other things, a plan on how baseline data for the Science laboratories, chest clinics, e-libraries and libraries constructed by Star Deep, will be gathered before they become operational.  The Activities (operations and usage of facilities donated by the project) were monitored and the achievement of the objectives were evaluated. The implementation of the M&E plan was participatory and result-based and it involved an annual M&E training component for the officers in charge of the different facilities in various beneficiary institutions located in 34 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).


2011 – 2015

Chevron Nigeria Limited (Star Deep Petroleum)


Facilitation of MoU between LAFARGE WAPCO and Host Communities in Ogun State

NNF facilitated MoU between WAPCO and the Community Development Councils (CDCs) within the communities that WAPCO operates. This was done sequel to the recommendation on the need for a new participatory community engagement process.

2011 – 2013



Training of staff of Chevron and Leaders of Host Communities on Negotiation skills


Facilitation of Renegotiation of GMOUs between Chevron Nigeria Limited and its Host Communities

NNF was involved in training staff of CNL and leaders of its host communities on Mutual Gains Approach to Negotiation. This involved various participatory approaches that promote learning among participants. Training programmes were conducted for representatives of host communities in Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Imo and Ondo states and staff of CNL involved in the management of company’s community engagement. NNF also facilitated the negotiation and renegotiation of the GMOU between Chevron and the 8 Regional Development Councils (RDCs) in Chevron’s area of operation.


2011- 2012


Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL)


Perception Survey of Some Communities in Ewekoro and Sagamu LGAs of Ogun state

The perception survey aimed at assessing how the company’s critical stakeholders in its host communities in Sagamu and Ewekoro,, Ogun state perceive the company and its activities.


2011- 2012



Needs Assessment Survey of Some Communities in Ewekoro and Sagamu LGAs of Ogun state.

The specific objectives of the needs assessment included: a) understanding Sagamu and Ewekoro communities and their resources; b) identifying the developmental needs and priorities of the communities; c) proffering solutions to developmental problems/needs in a participatory manner by various stakeholders in Ewekoro and Sagamu communities.


Nov.  2011 – Feb. 2012 



Star Deep Infrastructural Projects

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Star Deep donated fully equipped libraries, e-libraries and science labs to various schools in

different states across the country- to improve access to qualitative education under its education programme. NNF managed the provision and installation of required furniture, and procurement of equipment and reagents.

Some of the activities carried out by the Foundation included call for tenders, organization of bid walks for contractors, opening and analysis of bids, selection and engagement of contractors, training on HSE, monitoring of projects and payments for milestones achieved as agreed, and disbursement of funds for supplies of materials and equipment for the projects.


2011 – 2012

Star Deep Water Petroleum Limited



Mobil Special Projects

NNF managed the execution of 38 infrastructural projects in some communities in Esit Eket LGA of Akwa Ibom state. This entailed providing direct oversight function over the projects: facilitating the engagement of qualified and competent professionals/contractor(s) required for the execution of the projects; training on MPN’s Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) regulations for the contractors; disbursement of funds to contractors; management and resolution of disputes and providing liaison among all stakeholders involved in the project. The scope of the projects included construction of buildings, renovations/reconstruction of facilities and provision of water. 


2011- 2012

Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited



Analysis of Economic Opportunities in the Niger Delta

The study was conducted to enable PIND staff carry out analysis of programme opportunities around value chains. The study was carried out in Six Niger Delta states- Rivers, Delta, Edo, Ondo, Bayelsa and Akwa Ibom States.


Feb – May 2011

Partnership Initiative for the Niger Delta, PIND


Value chain analyses in the Niger Delta

This study was a follow-up to the “Analysis of Economic Opportunities in the Niger Delta” study. The analysis focused on identifying growth potential in which large numbers of small enterprises operate and where improved access to markets and services can result in increased profitability and greater incomes for people in the region.


June – Sept. 2011  

Partnership Initiative for the Niger Delta, PIND


Participatory Evaluation of GMoUs of Chevron Nigeria Limited


NNF together with other consortium NGOs was involved in planning, conducting and reporting on the participatory evaluation of the second phase of Chevron GMoUs across the eight RDCs in Bayelsa, Delta, Imo, Ondo and Rivers States. Activities carried out included data collection, key informant interviews and focus group discussions.


Sept 2011 – Nov 2011

Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL)


World Malaria Day Commemoration

NNF commemorated the World Malaria Day with support from ExxonMobil and affiliates. The World Malaria Day programme organised had the under-listed components:

  • Conferences in Lagos and Eket
  • Rally in Eket
  • Production and Distribution of IEC materials, T-shirts and Face Caps

Live phone-in radio/TV programmes on Malaria


2008 – 2011

Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited


Participatory Needs Assessment in Six communities in Delta State

NNF applied Participatory Rural Appraisal tools to determine the needs and identify best intervention options in six communities impacted by Chevron activities in Delta state.


July 2010

Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL)


Participatory Partnerships for Community Development (PPCD)

NNF is managing the PPCD project set up by Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) as a vehicle to strengthen and build the capacity of the RDCs to deliver on the Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU) which it entered into with the communities and State Governments in the areas where it does business in the Niger Delta. PPCD commenced its operations in early 2010 with assessment of the RDCs to identify the total gamut of capacity gaps through organizational capacity assessment (OCA). After the assessments, bespoke capacity building programmes were designed and delivered to all the RDCs, NNF continues to manage the implementation of the capacity building programmme from 2010 to date.

2010- on – going

Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL)


Study of the Construction and Real Estate sectors in Lagos state.

The study on construction and real estate sectors in Lagos state was carried out under the World Bank/DfID Growth Employment and Markets in States (GEMS) programme being implemented by Coffey International Development. The study used the Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) approach.


Department for International Development (DfID)


Socio-economic Baseline Survey of 9 LGAs under the LUTP II Programme in Lagos State

This baseline survey involved updating existing transportation demands of a sample of residents in nine LGAs in Lagos state taking due cognizance of their socio-economic status.

Oct. – Dec. 2010


Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA)


Assessment of Good Urban Governance in Ikeja And Lagos Mainland LGAs

The project aimed at assessing the extent of good urban governance in Ikeja And Lagos Mainland LGAs by adapting certain international parameters to the local context. It involved the use of interviews and focus group discussions on different stakeholders in the communities including LGA officials.


2010 – 11



Participatory Needs Assessment in Six communities in Delta State

The goal of this study was to better understand the travel patterns and behaviour of vulnerable groups i.e. women, children and the disabled living in some selected corridors within Lagos Metropolitan area and the role that transport plays in their lives. The study involved the use of FGDs and enumerative surveys in identifying the travel behaviour of respondents; specific transportation constraints faced by these groups and how the groups access key economic activities within the selected corridors.

May– Sept. 2009

Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA)


Mid-Term Review of SPDC’s GMoU

The Foundation was involved in the joint internal/external assurance review of Shell GMoU to chart the way forward. Activities included the design of evaluation instruments, conduct of evaluation in Shell communities and presentation of findings.

March – April 2009

Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC)



Niger Delta University Medical Research Laboratory Project

The Niger Delta University Medical Research Laboratory Project’s goal is to establish an ultramodern laboratory equipped to international standards with the capacity to provide Teaching, Research and Service at the highest level in malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

NNF was contracted as the project manager for the project. Activities undertaken included the following:

  • Contracting of sub-contractors
  • Identification of appropriate governance model for the laboratory (board management, structure, staffing policy and plan, remuneration package, staff welfare, conditions of services.
  • Identification of roles of stakeholders in the management of the laboratory (funding, reporting, appointment etc.)

Development of long-term sustainability plan


Chevron Nigeria Limited (Star Deep Petroleum)


Participatory Needs Assessment in Six communities in Delta State

The value chains study was in preparation for the World Bank/DFID Growth Poles project. The

study prioritized value chains for possible donor interventions based on two key criteria:

  • The potential upsides in terms of the growth, employment and spill overs; and
  • Feasibility of success in terms of achieving international competitiveness, bringing about needed policy reforms and the capability of private actors to deliver the potential upsides.

The study focused on four states – Lagos, Cross River, Kano and Kaduna and covered 14 value chains namely: Agriculture based: -food processing, aquaculture, dairy, oil palm, rice, cocoa & poultry; Industry: -construction, light manufacturing, solid minerals & leather and Services: – ICT, wholesale/retail/trade & tourism. The real outcome was to identify some value chains (2-4 for each State) where there was good potential to achieve substantial growth and employment generation through a coordinated set of interventions by government, donors and private sector and to identify, broadly, what sort of interventions would be involved. Relevant data on the value chains was collected by NNF and sent to EME for analysis. The data was analyzed and a report was prepared for the World Bank. 



World Bank Emerging Markets Economics