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Participatory Partnerships for Community Development (PPCD)

Project year:

2010- on-going

Client Name:

Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL)

NNF is managing the PPCD project set up by Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) as a vehicle to strengthen and build the capacity of the RDCs to deliver on the Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU) which it entered into with the Communities and State Governments in the areas where it does business in the Niger Delta. PPCD commenced its operations in early 2010 with an assessment of the RDCs to identify the total gamut of capacity gaps through organizational capacity assessment (OCA). After the assessments, bespoke capacity-building programmes were designed and delivered to all the RDCs from 2010 to date.
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NNF mobilizes resources from international development and UN Agencies, Nigeria private and public institutions, federal and state governments and other sources that may be available to undertake development activities.

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