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Onboarding of Agbonu-Ogulagha-Ibe Host Community Development Trust (HCDT)

Onboarding - Ogulaha

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New Nigeria Foundation (NNF) facilitated the onboarding of the Board of Trustees and Committees of Agbonu-Ogulagha-Ibe Host Community Development Trust (HCDT), one of Chevron Nigeria Limited’s HCDTs, from Monday, 24th July to Tuesday, 25th July 2023. The onboarding program was held in BON Hotel Hyatti, Warri, Delta State. The onboarding is in line with the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) requirements for which NNF is providing technical support to oil and gas companies. The onboarding improved the understanding of the BoTs and members of the management and advisory committees on the PIA, HCDT, its objectives, and operations; their roles and responsibilities; and the standard operating procedures for the effective running of the HCDT.



NNF mobilizes resources from international development and UN Agencies, Nigeria private and public institutions, federal and state governments and other sources that may be available to undertake development activities.

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